What We Do

We work for the Persons with Disabilities & for the Rural Development in Davangere district. Board members comprising 8 eminent personalities in Davangere joined under the roof of SANKALPA for enabling more inclusive and sustainable development in Davangere district of Karnataka state.

Training program for Parents of Children having Cerebral Palsy & Intellectual Disability

We conducted training program for Parent’s of Person with Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability. In this training program parents and Children with Disability were participated. The aim of the program was to train parents those who are having children with Cerebral Palsy or Intellectual Disability. They are encouraged to form the parent’s federation and work with Government Department to access constitutional rights of the Persons with Disability. In this program, we explained the details of existing govt schemes are for welfare of sever disability.

School Children awareness program for Disability

We conducted awareness program for School Children In this program we have given input for Government Schemes. Awareness about the National Trust Act Niramya Health Card, Therapy support children, Mobility aids and appliances were imparted. And how to support their peers having disability and how to involve them in all school activities were briefed. In this program School children and children with disability are participated.

Awareness Programme for Doctors & Nursing Students

Conducted one day sensitization programme for nursing student’s local Hospital at Davangere. The objective of this programme was to encourage, sensitize and release the role nurses towards disability and oriented them on how to identify the intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, and multiple disabilities. Nurse behavior should be disable friendly when disable people came to hospital moreover person with in the program nursing students were participated.
Also we explained there is need of NGO, government institution, hospital and others like mended stakeholders need be work together to meet individuals of persons with intellectual disability. Cancers towards rights of intellectual disability and existing welfare scheme for disability are providing by government.

Sensitization program for different stakeholders

Collaboration with District administration Davangere and SANKALPA organization conducted one day training program for Panchayats Development officers of Davangere district Taluk panchayat training center in this program PDOs were participated. Objective of the program was engagement with Government departments at the District of the Urban Development Department, and RDPR to optimize fund Utilization under 5% Annual budget allocation for and ensure equal rights for person with intellectual disability when allocation fund during the action plan under 5%. We worked with govt Dept and sensitize them regarding on type of disability and their individual needs and govt has to provide service based on needs of person with disability to meet individuals needs of disability.

Celebrate World Disabled Day

Organisation collaboratively celebrating on World disabled day and World Deaf day at Davangere different types of disable and their parents were participated. In this occasion & get sensitized about Disability rights, entitlements & provisions

Educational Skill Development, counseling and importance of health and safety awareness program

SANKALAP & NIIT collaboratively conducted educational skill development and counseling awareness program for high school children of Davangere district. Children are got knowledge about the educational opportunities after completion of 10th Class. The options for those who have passed 10th class and those who had failed 10th Class. In this program many students got aware about the Government Schemes and Opportunities about self-employments and other livelihood choices. School children (Disabled & Non-Disabled Children) on importance of health and safety in their premises. In this program the benefits of yoga, how to manage frequently occurring disease like common cold was given to all the school children. Motivation given to the school to ensure regular yoga class in their curriculum. School children are get knowledge about Health and Yoga benefits.